The Weight of Concrete


Making Concrete Beautiful

As a building material, concrete is an excellent choice. It can be moulded into different shapes as needed, different amounts of water or air added to the mix can make it heavy or light in weight. Best of all is the fact that properly made concrete can last up to a century. One of the biggest objections to concrete is its lack of a finished look, but there are ways to create a great look without busting the budget. Making concrete beautiful is simple, and it can be done with either painting or staining.

There are many commercial products on the market to add colour to concrete, and designs have come a long way in the last few years. Stains are often preferred because they last longer than paints, and there are now plenty of colours and shades available. Older concrete will need cleaning before applying any stain, but this is simply one step in the process. Once the stain has dried, sealing or waxing the concrete twice a year will keep it looking beautiful.

Paint is often a first choice when adding colour to any residence or commercial building, and concrete is one surface where it can be applied. Older concrete should be cleaned first, and concrete of any age should have a primer applied first. Adding colour through painting does require masonry paint, and it should breathe with the concrete over the years for a lasting finish.

Beauty has become an important component in homes and businesses, and curb appeal has become a major point when a building is created. For those who want the longevity of concrete, creating a finished look has become easier. Stains and paints are not formulated to go the distance, and they come in plenty of colours to blend in or stand out as a decorative component on old or new construction.