I arrived at the island hoping to understand the conversation between its landscape and the ocean. This relationship is ingrained in the culture of all islands around the world but each has its own story. Ouessant is home to enormous walls of rock repelling anything entering the island and calm beaches that entice habitation. This is what interested me. The island is made up of two bands of granite and one band of shale that is nestled between the two. The shale is far more fragile than the granite making it the first part of the island to fall into the ocean. As waves hit the island day after day the weaker portions of the island begin to erode. Over time bays are created changing the island from a fortress on all fronts to a place open to habitation. The conversation at hand isn’t just one of today but an ongoing dialogue, one that facilitates life and resists it.

L'île, son peuple et la mer

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