DATUM is both a student run journal of architecture and a community of discourse.

Given the current state of affairs in the world, the role that inclusivity plays within not only architecture, but also society, are very important in our role as a platform for the voices of students and contributors to our field. Diversity of thought, practice, and background is what makes DATUM a strong journal.

DATUM encourages strong discourse and work that is focused around what is prevalent to our world and the field of architecture and design. Each issue we choose a theme that is responsive to what we feel is occurring within our student body and in the greater world context.

The upcoming issue BOUNDARIES is one that we find relevant to current architectural discourses. The notion of what defines a particular area or environment is continually being re-constructed in ways that are never certain. In order to better conceptualize and understand what it means to create BOUNDARIES, the upcoming theme aims to provide a platform whereby we can discuss critically and rigorously what it means to define a space, both as politically and socially defined borders.

The geopolitics that are inherent within the discourses on BOUNDARIES are particularly intriguing. From issues that range from the current refugee crisis to that of the housing crisis, what it means to move and migrate between various BOUNDARIES is important to understand and examine. In order to deconstruct the term BOUNDARIES, we hope to open avenues to different modes of analyzing and curating material that re-examines definitions of security, agency, and territory.

At the end of the term, we aim to have a journal that presents a body of work from students, faculty, and outside contributors that holistically advances various stances on what BOUNDARIES mean in contemporary society and architectural discourse.

We look forward to sharing DATUM issue No. 9 BOUNDARIES with everyone in December. If you wish to contribute to our publication or website, or join our weekly discussions please contact us at ctperez@iastate.edu and mezeien@iastate.edu.

CHRISTOPHER PEREZ is a Master of Architecture student at Iowa State University. Prior to studying architecture, he earned a B.A. in German and International Studies from Iowa State University. His interest lies in the political, economic, and social realms of architecture. He has been serving as Co-Editor-in-Chief of DATUM since April 2017.

MEGAN ZEIEN is a fourth year architecture student at Iowa State University. She is interested in the intersection of art and architecture and the relationship between the built world and landscape. She is also interested in the housing and migration crises in the world today and the role of the architect in these issues. She has been serving as Co-Editor-In-Chief of DATUM since April 2017.